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Part 17: Olivine City

Part 17

Update is finally here. Sorry. I've been busy again.

Olivine City

Olivine City is a moderately sized coastal city. Landmarks include the Glitter Lighthouse and Olivine Port where you can catch a ferry to Kanto in the DS games.

Immediately there was a problem. There is ocean to the south and east of the city and due to the size of Olivine city and its proximity to the National Park some modification of the landscape is in order.

First, the removal of some trees :-(

Once that is all cleared up it was time to start shaping the land.

I skipped a few screenshots because they were a bit boring. But there is Olivine Port. Just without the terminal.

And the harbour area. Without the public furniture.

Throughout the city there are banners. I had a go at replicating the banners using dyes and stuff. This was the result.

The terminal. Built over the water.

Glitter Lighthouse

Glitter lighthouse is an integral part of the Johto storyline. It is where Jasmine, the gym leader is looking after an Ampharos named Amphy. You as the player must go to Cianwood City and get the medicine before progressing in the story. 

But the lighthouse. It is quite tall, but then again it is a light house.

The main entry.

Olivine City Gym

This gym is based on Steel-type Pokemon. The Gym leader is Jasmine.

It is quite a basic gym. There is just a walkway with hoops over it.

And there we are. Olivine City.

Finished Product

Olivine Port

Olivine City

The view east from Glitter Lighthouse

The view south.

One of the banners throughout the city.

Entering the city from the north.

Goldenrod City with Olivine City in the background.

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And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Route 40 and Route 41
After That: Battle Frontier
And After That: Whirl Islands and Cianwood City
35% Complete.

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