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Part 22: Safari Zone

Part 22

Part 22 is the Safari Zone. Exclusive to the Gen IV games it is set in far west Johto. It is place in the games where you can catch 'rare and exclusive' Pokemon.

The Safari Zone in the DS games can have up to six different areas at any one time. But because this isn't the DS game all 12 zones are here.

First up is the Savannah. Open spaces with small patches of grass shaded by acacia trees.

Next to the Savannah is the 'Peak' area. It is a rocky peak made from red sandstone with granite pathways.

And next to that is the Mountain area. Dense trees hide the grassy patches that are set within.

And there is the first three.

Next is the 'Plains' area. It is quite plain hahahaha with ample grassy patches and oak trees here and there.

Next to that is the Marshland. Similar to a swamp there are pools of stagnant water with damp oak trees surrounding them.

North of that is the desert. Very similar to the Savannah area. Acacia trees have been substituted for oak and there is less grass.

Next door is the Meadow. A wide open space with fresh ponds, flowers and tall grass.

And that is the third row complete. The area at the bottom of the screenshot is the Wasteland. I jost forgot to take a screenshot of it.

Well, that's nine of them done.

The last three we'll go over quickly. On the left is rocky beach, in the centre is the Forest and on the right is the Swampland.

The entrance to the Safari zone. There is a small town at the entrance. When I say town I mean more like a market. In the DS games you just buy stuff you don't need here.

I forgot to mention the Safari Zone was built in a separate world file. I had no idea how big it would get or how to properly place it.

The entrance. Modified slightly to accommodate the interior.

Safari Zone town.

The view from the Safari Zone.

And here it is. Johto is complete, almost.

Finished Product.

Safari Zone Town Centre.

Mountain Zone











Rocky Beach

Where it all is in relation to the rest of Johto

Progress so far

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And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Finishing touches for Johto
After That: Route 26 and 27
And After That: Victory Road and Indigo Plateau
45% Complete.

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