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Part 6: Route 35 and Goldenrod City

Part 6

Apologies for the two week late update. I have been very busy and Goldenrod City is the largest city in the game so it was going to take a while anyway. But enough with that and onto this post. Everything is now done so let's recount what happened during this update.

I took 139 screenshots for this post. It accumulated to this much because there are just so many features in Goldenrod City. And yes they are all here. The pictures have been compressed as usual so all up it is less than 14 Mb so if you are on a mobile connection (or any connection really) don't worry too much. 

Route 35

Route 35 is a wide open path with access to the National Park and route 36 to the north and Goldenrod City to the south. 

This route stands out because of its huge sandy path. It's either sand or tall grass on this route.

This building is the gate for the National Park. The National Park won't be coming until part 8.

It's a wide building that suits the surroundings very well.

Adding the tall grass, flowers and other environmental details.

And, of course, trees.

And there we are. Route 35.

Goldenrod City

Oh boy, this is going to take a while to write about. Goldenrod City is the largest city in Johto. It is home to the Radio Station, Magnet Train, Global Terminal, Game Corner, Department Store, Bike Shop, Flower Shop, Tunnel and a Gym. Plus all the houses and apartments. 

Goldenrod city is a golden city so it needs pavement to match. I tried gold blocks because, well, Goldenrod but they were too bright for my liking.

The next alternative was upright hay bails. They worked perfectly and closely matched the DS game in both shade and texture.

Every rectangular hole of dirt you see is the site for a building. There are about 46 buildings in total which is why it took so long to finish the city.

In the DS game Goldenrod is first visited entering from the south where there is an archway over the entrance to the city. It's a quartz, gold and yellow glass structure.

There are three types of residential buildings in Goldenrod. This is the smaller version. It's a brick and sandstone double story dwelling.

All the buildings have been given interiors and access points. The interior of this building is very small being 2 blocks wide.

The residential dwellings have been designed so they can be cloned easily as there are multiple examples of this building in the city.

And here they are in their rightful places. As I said before all the buildings have doors so you can get inside them.

There is a second, larger building. It is taller, wider and slightly deeper than the other buildings.

Inside I went a bit crazy creating a three split level interior with glass viewing deck on the top floor.

You get views across the whole city and surrounding countryside.

This building was also cloned into the correct positions.

A third residential dwelling. This is the smallest and least common with only two in total gracing the city. I forgot to take a screenshot of it when it was finished but just picture a shipping container with brushed stainless steel on the edges.

Goldenrod Tunnel

There is a tunnel that connects the north and south of the city. It's a small bypass that has a few stalls, an area where you can dress up your Pokemon and access to the underground storage area of the department store. 

Because the tunnel branches off in all different directions and the fashion area at the northern end may conflict with the gym I decided to stop building the tunnel and move on to the gym.

Goldenrod Gym

A Normal type gym with a puzzle shaped like a Clefairy. 

Those are some bright colours.

The big blue Clafairy, There are integrated Sea Lanterns to help light the gym up.

Can you see it? Can you see the Clefairy?

This is where Gym Leader Whitney hangs out. Right out the back.

But that's the gym done.

Flower Shop

The Flower Shop plays an essential step in the story of the DS games. It's the place where you can get the SquirtBottle which is needed to get past the Sudowoodo on Route 36 to get to Ecruteak City. 

Inside... just flowers.

Well, That's one block in the city finished.

Name Rater

The Name Rater is a guy who lives in a tent and offers the player in the DS game the opportunity to change the name of thier own Pokemon. As this is a tent in the DS game I built it like one. 

Just a wooden frame and banners to cover it. It looks a little crap on the outside.

But inside it's actually not too bad.
Not bad at all.

Magnet Train Station

The Magnet Train is a track that goes direct from Goldenrod to Saffron City in Kanto. At least, it will when Saffron City is built. 

It looks like a modern, almost European style train station.

It's big and functional.

No, the train does not crash through the wall. At least until I make a hole.

Like that.

There are two levels for the train station. The lower level is the concourse. Just a place to sit around.

And upstairs is the platform.

There is a one way (at least if you just follow the directions) path onto the track to take you to Saffron City.

You can actually use the track in its current state. It just loops back to Goldenrod.

Train Station by night.

The Train Station is a great place to build a map wall. I did a similar thing for the gates in my Sinnoh Project. This is only a small sample at the moment. I might make a full map wall once the project is finished.

It will be a big map.

The concourse.

And the clock. It is just a clock in an item frame. Well at least it is functional.

And there it is. The train station.

But now it's time to link the track in Goldenrod City to the track over Route 32. The two tracks are offset but it got figured out.
I put looping minecarts on the track just for fun. But it works though. But yes. The magnet train will just be a minecart. We'll get back to the track later.

Radio Tower

The Radio Tower gets hijacked by Team Rocket in the DS game. But here in Minecraft it just provides a great platform on which to build an observation deck. 

Inside there are five levels. The lower level is just where the guests can go.

But you can get so much higher up than the guests.

A broadcasting station. There are two of those in the building.

The top level. This is the Directors Office. This is where the player battles Giovanni while the building is being hijacked.

It is a lot taller than the building in the DS game. This was just to accommodate the five floors.

The observation deck is a dish at the very top of the building.

It has glass all around and provides panoramic views of Goldenrod City and surrounding landscapes.

Now with a roof.

And now with antenna's.

The view over to Route 35.

Well, that's another block of the city completed.

Goldenrod Game Corner

What big Pokemon city is complete without a business that takes all your money and gives you little in return. The game corner is a small casino where they player can play a few mini games in the hope of winning coins. 

The exterior with a huge golden diamond on the front.

Inside is just a table and benches.

I swapped the clear glass ceiling for light blue glass. It just seemed to suit the building better.

And that is another block complete. Except for the tunnel.

The city so far.

Goldenrod Tunnel Continued

The tunnel now has stalls and proper lighting. 

This is the room that would have conflicted with the gym. This room is shallower that it would be otherwise it would protrude into the gym which is right behind the back wall.

Magnet Train Continued

The track is useless if it doesn't go anywhere. 

I had to remove some trees but wanted keep the natural look of the trees that weren't getting chopped down so I didn't select an area to 'delete'. I removed the tree trunks and let the leaves decay and fall.

It took a while.

But it was soon clear enough to build in.

A sweeping and curving track was installed. I wanted it to look like a big highway.

The tracks were installed, tested then at the end of the track added a loop that takes you back to Goldenrod City. I'll keep the loop until Saffron City train station is built.

Global Terminal

The Global Terminal is a place where players in the DS game can trade Pokemon and watch battle videos. 

It is a modern building built on its own area separate from the city.
It is almost all glass.

The building with its exterior dimensions set.

I wasn't sure that the black glass worked well aesthetically so I swapped it for cyan clay. Suits it much better.

This is also a brightly lit building from outside.

A big cavernous interior.

The colour coded ladders take you to the floor with the corresponding colour.

Green takes you to the second floor. Red takes you to the third.

This is one of the few buildings where there is plenty of height for all the floors.

The second floor terminals.

And the third floor.

And the completed building.

Goldenrod Department Store

This is also another building that is much taller here than in the DS game simply to accommodate all six floors. 

On the roof I thought I'd bring back the rooftop viewing area exclusive to Pokemon Crystal Version.

I didn't screenshot the floors during construction but here they are post construction.







The view from the roof.

Magnet Train Continued Again

I thought it would be a great idea to add signs to the magnet train. Just important information regarding locations. The only issue is that they can be hard to read. 

Goldenrod Tunnel Continued Again

There is a network of tunnels under Goldenrod City. 

This one is a small puzzle. It uses doors that open and close depending on what colour is assigned to the doors and what switch the player pressed. I have no idea how to do it with redstone so the doors are static and the switches don't do anything... yet.

The areas that have their own colour.

Further down the tunnel there is a storage area for the department store. These here are some crates.

Bike Shop

FINALLY. The last building. The bike shop is where the player can obtain the Bicyle. A tool to quickly travel the region. 

There are no bikes in Minecraft but there are boats. So there are boats instead of bikes. But boats are just as useful as you will need to navigate a water route sometime soon.

The bike shop from the outside.

Final Detailing

Just adding trees, grass and flowers. The usual. 

And rocks. Can't forget those.

And there it is. Two and a half weeks and the city is finished.
Finally, a moment of rest.

Finished Product

Route 36 en route to route 35. 

The grassy paddock that appears at this entry point. The other entry point is through the National Park.

The huge sandy path.

Grass, sand and a lake.

More path. Looking north.

Looking south at the Goldenrod Skyline.

Goldenrod City southern entry.

Department Store on the right. Radio Tower observation deck on the left.

South west block of the city.

The Game Corner.

Train Station and Radio Tower.

Global Terminal.

The view over route 35.

The view east over the magnet train highway.

On the track before descending into Goldenrod City.

Welcome sign.

The view entering the city.

The platform.

The Gym.

Progress so far.

Stay tuned and subscribe.
PS: Check this project out on Planet Minecraft.

And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 7 features Route 34 and Ilex Forest.
After That: Part 8 features the National Park and Route 37.
And After That: Part 9 features Ecruteak City
12% Complete.

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