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Part 5: Union Cave, Route 33 and Azalea Town

Part 5

Apologies for the late update. Some stuff got in the way. Anyway...

Slowpoke Well

Johto extends further south in this update to the southernmost point of the region.

Route 33

Usually I'd build things in order of the posts title but not this time. I wanted to get Route 33 out of the way and built so Union Cave can be sandwiched between route 33 and 34. 

It is a tiny route measuring 64x64 blocks.

It didn't take long to build at all. About an hour.

And that's it. There is really not much interesting things to say.

Union Cave

Union Cave is the first cave the player visits in the DS and GBC games. It is a large cave that extends to connect to parts in the Ruins of Alph that are not otherwise accessible. 

Built like the DS game version, it fits almost perfectly.

There are three caves in Union Cave that leech deep underground.

Lighting with torches.

And just some subtle details you probably won't even notice.

Once the cave was finished it was sealed. Terraforming will come later.

A lower level. This level is nothing more than a corridor to the lowest level cave.

A cavernous room you say? Yes, just an empty room. The lowest level room about 30 blocks below sea level.

The corridor from before is essentially an underground lake.

And the lowest level, now that it is no longer just a cavernous room, is a maze of rocks and lakes.

An extension north of Union Cave. This cave at the north-west points have access corridors to the Ruins of Alph.

Prismarine rocks match the look of the Gen IV version of the cave.
It was at this point that I forgot to take some screenshots for the rest of the cave. Sorry about that.

Azalea Town

The southernmost town of Johto. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Azalea Town is Slowpoke. Slowpoke is highly regarded in this town at the townspeople believed that a slowpoke's yawn brought rain and ended years of drought. 

There is even well called Slowpoke Well. A deep well which plays a role in the games as a place where Team Rocket is cutting off and selling Slowpoke Tails.

But into the technical stuff now. Within Slowpoke Well there is just one cave. Lit in the picture below by a single torch. It's kind of eerie.

But look what happened when I turned on the lights. A cave just how I wanted!

Ah yes, what is the point of a well if there is no water.

There is a second cave. I forgot about it.

Deep underground is a underground water reserve,

Closer to the entrance is the main well. There is a wet and leaky look and feel.

Azalea Town's buildings are finished.

But now it's time for the gym.

 It is a Bug type gym so of course it has an insect theme to it.

The gym has two pits with spider webs in it.

It's difficult to explain how the gym works but essentially getting onto any of the 'up down' tracks will take you up but you will make a turn at every 'left right' track. So in the screenshot below if you got onto the track in the center you will go up, left, up, right, up, right, up and then you will get off.

Anyway. The red and blue tracks in the DS game can be turned off with switches so you can get to the gym leader. It may not work in my Minecraft map though. I still have to figure it out.

I used redstone in an attempt to switch the minecart tracks into different directions.

Well, those are the pits complete.

Interior decorating. Indoor trees and everything.

Plus the addition of grass and the gym is declared finished.

Time to terraform. As I mentioned in an earlier post, any empty pockets of land between routes, town and cities will be filled in then so I won't be wasting a month prior to release finishing it off.

So some rolling hills (I wouldn't quite call them mountains) were added above Union cave because that's what appears in the Johto Kanto artwork of the regions for the Generation IV version of the games,


Ah yes. Minecraft 1.9 came out and has a two issues I've found so far. One is lighting not updating on adjacent chunks fast enough and another is this silhouette mess below. The Minecraft Launcher says something on the lines of '#GL ERROR# so I thing it's an OpenGL issue. But a quick restart of the game fixes it.

The magnet train track gets an extension as well.

Tree's. It looks a little bit too dense but once on the ground it looks fine.

And now I think it's time to conclude this post.

Finished Product

The Route 32 entrance to Union Cave. 

The main cave.

A little further north into another cave.

Further down the main cave.

I don't know where this is exactly but it's in Union Cave somewhere.

The lower level.

The end of the Main Cave.

Route 33 and the Apricorn's. Or just dye on an item board hung on some leaves.

Of course it's raining. It always does on Route 33.

The road to Azalea Town.

Azalea Town. You know you're there when the rain stops and Slowpoke come out.

The spiral into Slowpoke Well.

Inside the well.

Further inside the well.

Even further inside the well.

Azalea Town.

The glass floor in the gym.

And the gym itself.

Kurt's house. The only place where Apricorns are useful.

Looking east across the town.

And looking west across the town.

Progress so far.

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PS: Check this project out on Planet Minecraft.

And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 6 features Route 35 and Goldenrod City.
After That: Part 7 features Route 34 and Ilex Forest.
And After That: Part 8 features the National Park and Route 37.
10% Complete.

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