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Part 13: Route 44, Blackthorn City and Ice Path

Part 13

Well, Part 13 is done. And also I found out why this blog was getting no views. It was set to private, read only by authors. So if you haven't been able to read this blog after clicking on the link on, you should be able to now.

Dragon's Den

Route 44

Route 44 is a mountain route leading from Mahogany Town to Ice Path. 

The route is quite flat for a mountain route until the eastern side where elevation goes up before entering Ice Path.

Just the usual route construction. And there it is all done.

Blackthorn City

The highest elevation city so far. Accessible in the DS game only by the Ice Path or by flying. 

It is a moderately sized city nestled in the mountains.

The over world all done. Underground is where is really starts to get interesting.

Ice Path

Ice Path is a huge underground cave with multiple rooms that get deeper and deeper underground. 

I decided to try a new way of crating caves. Create them away from where they are supposed to be. I thought it would make it easier to build caves. And it is.

Inside I had to be careful with the lighting. Ice blocks must no be exposed to a light level higher than 9 or they will melt. But light level 9 is quite dim so torches had to be strategically placed. But in the end it's lit enough.

I didn't take screenshots of the lower levels because there's not much to say about them. Only that there is 6 rooms within the cave.

Here is the cave cloned to where it lines up with the entrance and exit points in Blackthorn City and Route 44.

I had some concerns though. The entrance to the cave from Blackthorn City was ~20 blocks off from where it should be. And it is a little bit high as well. To fix it I just built a tunnel.

Before I removed the original Ice Cave I removed the dirt and stone surrounding it to see what it would look like. And this is what it looks like.

Dragon's Den

A den deep underground below Ice Cave. 

 Applying the same technique as I did when Building the Ice Cave, I built the lower part of Dragon's den away from where it will end up going.

All the walls are done, also the underground lake.

And now, the den. It is an underground building build in the underground lake.

The architectural style is heavily influenced by ancient Japanese architecture.

I also tried a new way of creating and shaping the rocks in bodies of water. Create solid cubes and chip away at all of them one by one. It means that all the rocks are unique and lessens that 'man made' feel.

And there it is all done.

However this is where the Den is supposed to go. And there are some clearance issues because Ice Path is in the way.

But the solution I came up with was to lower Dragon's Den until the point where it fitted.

There it is. It had to be rotated to fit so there lacks some of the originality from the DS game.

And there it is. All lit and all underground.

Blackthorn Gym

A Dragon Type gym. With a lot of lava.

In the DS game there are movable platforms the move between different areas. But here I just built a bridge. Much easier.

Some detail such as popping some cobblestone and replacing it with stone to add something to look at.

And adding the finishing touches. Ferns and flowers.

Finished Product

Blackthorn City

Leaving Mahogany Town.

Heading east.

Lake on Route 44

Entrance to the Ice Path.

Ice Path.

Leaving the Ice Path at Blackthorn City.

View of Blackthorn City from the south.

Entrance at Dragon's Den.

Pokemon Centre at Sunset.

Progress so far.

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PS: Check this project out on Planet Minecraft.

And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Route 45 and Route 46
After That: Dark Cave
And After That: Route 38 and Route 39
27% Complete.

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