Sunday, 24 July 2016

Part 15: Dark Cave

Part 15

Dark Cave is a place in Johto I've never really cared about. I've never explored it in the DS game. But it's apart of Johto so I guess I'll have to make it anyway.

Dark Cave

Dark Cave consists of two caves. I started by making the cave accessed from route 31. 

Using the new way to make caves, Dark Cave was made away from where it should be. It just gets moved to its final designated area.

I was going to add light bu then I remembered it was called Dark Cave. There are no lights at all.

The second room was a little easier to make. It wasn't as complex and it didn't have the elevation changes that the other cave does.

It also has a lake.

The two caves finished. Sort of. They just need to be moved.

Installing the caves was quite straight forward. Just clone certain areas at a time and align them into their final place.

This is what it looks like inside the cave.

The caves are quite a lot further north than I thought they would be. I'd move them further south but then it would intersect with route 31 and then all the landscaping would need to be changed and that is something I would rather not do.

Now it's time for the fun part. Filling in the terrain and making it look mountainous.

I'm still a bit of a novice when it comes to using WorldPainter. The way I do it is to square off as much terrain as possible and then smooth it out and/or add to it.

Like this. I just smooth this out.

And add mountains. Well, the best mountain I currently know how to make.

While I was exploring the Dark Cave checking for any corruptions I was unaware of a new particle effect. I used the splash bottle night vision potions to see and they left the particle effects where the bottle hit the floor. I just found it to be a bit strange.

Working on refining the landscape even further. Just with trees though.

Finished Product

Dark Cave entrance from Route 46.

Inside the cave. Lit with night vision potion.

A different angle.

The lower cave accessed by the entrance on Route 45.

And again from a different angle.

What the cave actually looks like.

The underground lake.

And outside. Very brown.

Progress so far.

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PS: Check this project out on Planet Minecraft.

And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Route 38 and Route 39
After That: Olivine City
And After That: Route 40 and Route 41
31% Complete.

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