Monday, 8 February 2016

Part 1: New Bark Town and Route 29

Part 1

Welcome to the beginning of an exiting new Minecraft project based on my absolute favorite Pokemon release. . This project aims to recreate the Johto and Kanto Regions from the wildly popular Generation I, II and IV Pokemon games that are set in wither or both regions. There are many recreations of these regions in the Pokemon games so this project will be based of what you would see in the HeartGold and SoulSilver versions of the Pokemon games on the Nintendo DS.

These will be the third and fourth Pokemon regions I've made in Minecraft. The first two were the Hoenn region and the recently completed Sinnoh regions. You can check out their respective blogs here and here.

Updates should be expected to be posted on Sunday at 11:00am AEST (GMT +10:00). If an update isn't posted then that means I was too busy to work on the project. I haven't abandoned the project. If I had to abandon the project it will be announced so don't be concerned that this is one of those projects where the creator underestimated the workload it would put on them. Then to only stop working with no warning and no explanation. Then they just... never mind.

Anyway. The adventure begins.

New Bark Town

We will be working on the Johto region first. New Bark Town is the first place the player is in the DS game. It is a small town with unusually high winds compared to the rest of the region. 

All the towns, cities and routes seem to be sized based on factors of 64. And just a technical thing. The chunks have been aligned to the 16x16 grids that make up all the cities and routes.

First buildings. The players home on the right and Professor Elm's lab on the left.

And two more generic houses.

A new but minor addition is the flowers and ferns that add detail to the land and make a more natural look.

Aww yiss. Trees.

And there it is. Done.

All the leaf borders get hidded with each new area. It just saves having to go back and do it all at once when all the locations have been built.

Route 29

Route 29 is the first route of Johto. It connects New Bark Town to Cherrygrove City while route 46 lies to the north.  

New region, new game, new gate. This is more than likely going to be the gate design used throughout the two regions. So get used to it.

More details.

A little more details with the added grass, ferns and flowers.

And trees. Can't forget them.

Finished Product. 

New Bark Town. 

Looking west towards Route 29.

Route 29.

More Route 29.

Progress so far. 

Every update includes a thumbnail that shows the map at its current state. 

Stay tuned and subscribe.
PS: Check this project out on Planet Minecraft.

And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 2 features Cherrygrove City, Route 30 and Route 31
After That:  Part 3 features Violet City and Route 36
And After That: Part 4 features Ruins of Alph and Route 32.
2% Complete.

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