Sunday, 14 February 2016

Part 2: Cherrygrove City, Route 30 and Route 31

Now that the first part is behind up it's time to move on. This part covers Cherrygrove City and Routes 30 and 31. Two areas accessed early in the associated Pokemon Games.

Cherrygrove City

This city shows off a few firsts to this project. First being the Pokemon Centre, Second the Pokemon Mart and a small ocean area.

Half of this city is, city. The other half is a small, closed off ocean area or lagoon. There is a sandbar in the middle so, there's that.

The new Pokemon Centre. There are different designs for each game but, like the map this design was designed to mimic the Pokemon Centre in the Generation IV games.

Skip to the end and here is the exterior of the building. The dimensions were increased from 10x8 to 10x10 so there is more interior room.

The Pokemon Mart is as small as ever measuring 8x6 blocks.

And here is the duo.

Houses are also new but that will be true in almost any city or town in the regions. This odd roof shape sports a sunlight in the roof.

But that roof shape gives an airy and spacious feel.

The house in the centre is the speedy old mans house. This is the old man who gives the player their running shoes in the Pokemon Games.

And here is the city after being polished and almost finished.

Route 30

Route 30 is a north-south route that measures 64x192. 

The route gently ascends towrads the north of the route.

I worked on the route in stages. The lowest altitude areas were done before the higher areas. Just simplified things.

The second level of altitude is the most expansive. That house in the corner is Mr Pokemon's house. Why chose to live in the corner of a shallow valley near a major city. We will never know.

I like trees,

More trees and grass and now it's time to move on to Route 31.

Route 31

Route 31 is only 128 blocks wide. It descends almost back to sea level before leading into the soon to be built Violet City. 

It drops off quite sharply through the middle of the route.

I started the highest area of the route.

This area is also host to an entrance to Dark Cave. There are three access points into Dark Cave. Once they have been built then the cave will be built.

The lower area has the usual grass, flowers and a lake.

Finished Product

Cherrygrove City all complete with trees. 

The town centre.

On the ground in Cherrygrove City.

Waterfront view.

Route to route 30.

Tall grass mid-way up the route.

Mr Pokemon's house right up in the corner.

Alleyway to route 31.

Route 31.

Looking across the western side of route 31.

Looking back across route 31.

Progress so far

And as an extra bonus. A render.

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And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 3 features Violet City and Route 36
After That: Part 4 features Ruins of Alph and Route 32.
And After That: Part 5 features Union Cave, Route 33 and Azalea Town.
4% Complete.

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