Sunday, 28 February 2016

Part 4: Ruins of Alph and Route 32

Route 32 Magnet Train 

Ruins of Alph

Johto extends south. Route 32 is one of the longest routes in Johto and is the start of the clockwise 'loop' that takes us round and back up to Violet City. Plus the ancient Ruins of Alph make their appearance here. 

Route 32

Route 32 is quite a long route south. It joins Violet City to Union cave. Being 256 blocks long it took time to build. 

It is quite ordinary. It's made in exactly the same way as every single route since half way through the Hoenn project 2 years ago.

For some reason I like crafting routes more than building the cities.

Route 32 is so long there is a Pokemon Centre at the southern end.

Connecting Johto and Kanto (eventually) is the Magnet Train that runs from Johto's Goldenrod City to Kanto's Saffron City. Just the pillars for now.

It's getting there.

Almost done. Just need trees.

Tree time.

A new thing I will be doing is filling any gaps in terrain when they need filling. It will just save time later when the entire region needs all the gaps finished. Plus it gives you a small preview as progress goes on.

The magnet train passes underground at this point. It will eventually be figured out and will be working by the time the project is finished.


And removing the leaf borders. Just one more thing that if done now will save time later.

Ruins of Alph

The Ruins of Alph are ancient ruins. But I'm more interested in building them that explaining their history. 

All of the Ruins of Alph area is sand.

Until I replaced it with the inside of a mushroom. Only for looks. Sand is reserved for pathways.

Underneath the Ruins is a large cave. It is an sandstone maze.

It's getting there. To get that 'ruins' look and to match the in-game look some nature was woven into the buildings. There is grass on the roof in small patches.

This took much longer to build than it looks. It took about 6 hours in total.

To add even more to that look of ruins on all of the buildings i added veins of cracked stone bricks and mossy bricks to the base of those buildings near water.

And, I think that can be considered done.

Finished Product

Route 32

Route 32 with the soon to be built Union Cave on the left with the Pokemon Centre in the middle.

Heading further north along route 32.

The Magnet Train overpass.

The ruins.

Looking ancient.

Progress so far.

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PS: Check this project out on Planet Minecraft.

And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 5 features Union Cave, Route 33 and Azalea Town.
After That: Part 6 features Route 35 and Goldenrod City.
And After That: Part 7 features Route 34 and Ilex Forest
8% Complete.

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