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Part 10: Route 42 and Mt. Mortar

Part 10

Unfortunately there will be no download link for this post because of a small cock up I made making the .zip file. Also this post is a week late and as I'm writing this the next part had already been finished. So when the next post it up which will be soon, check that.

Route 42

This route is a medium sized route linking Ecruteak City to Mahogany Town. 

It's a mountainous route but then Mt Mortar is right nearby.

Terrain fill in between Route 43 and Violet City. Mostly just trees and grass.

Finishing up. And onto Mt Mortar.

Mt Mortar

Mt Mortar is huge. Like, really big. There are four massive rooms in the mountain. 

The first room is really tall. It houses a waterfall (currently the biggest waterfall in this project) and two lakes.

My computer began flipping out at this point. Looks like a prosphene.

Using every cube of space.

But I then had to make a change that meant shifting Mt Mortar six blocks to the east as to not get too close to Bell Tower. But even then Mt Mortar, because of its size is still worryingly close to the tower.

The main room in all its oversised glory.

Initiating the waterfall. I could just do it in MCEdit but i'd prefer to do it this way.

Adding lights. Very important.

The lower room. It fits neatly under the main room which is good because i'm trying to consume as little space as possible.

It does have a low ceiling but it's a trade off I was willing to make.

Further up things are looking a little better. But another room goes onto of this one so precautions must be taken.

In the next room above there is a lot less elevation change which is great because that consumes a lot of space. Things aren't helped when ladders and stairs connecting the rooms are out of alignment meaning tunnels have to be built. And tunnels require 4 blocks of vertical space minimum.

It goes up quickly when in your in the zone for building stuff.

And there we are. Level 2 complete.

Now, level 3. The simplest level in the mountain.

No elevation change. Always welcome when building levels of rooms.

A very basic room. Just small lakes and rocks.

All sealed up. It looks terrible but once everything around the mountain is built i'll make it look more like a mountain.

Finished Product

Entering route 42 from Ecruteak City. 


Bell Tower looking over Mt Mortar.

Main room.

At the top of the waterfall in the same room.

The top level room.

The level below.

And the level below that.

Progress so far

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PS: Check this project out on Planet Minecraft.

And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:
Check the next post for an updated link. I made a mistake and stuffed up the .zip file. 

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 11 features Mahogany Town and Route 32
After That:  Lake of Rage
And After That: Route 44, Blackthorn City and Ice Path
20% Complete.

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