Friday, 17 June 2016

Part 11: Mahogany Town and Route 43

Part 11
Mt Mortar, Mahogany Town and Routes 42 and 43. 

Mahogany Town

Mahogany Town is a bit of a nothing town. Just a place you go through to get to the Lake of Rage. 

But despite being a nothing town there are two things worth noting. The Gym and the Team Rocket Hideout.

The Gym is an Ice type gym. It consists of three small rooms. It took some time to get the look right though.

After experimenting I think I nailed it.

Decoration complete. Like the ice cornice?

Team Rocket Headquarters

On the outside it looks just like a souvenir shop. But on the inside it ends up being much more than that. 

Outside the Headquarters there is a suspicious looking artificial tree to house a radio antenna. So I made my own tree. It looks a little too perfect but that's the point.

There are three levels, all built the same way. Very thick walls and dingy alleyways.

Sparsely decorated. Typical Team Rocket.

Explosive floor tiles. Also very Team Rocket.

The staircases are not correct but I reckon they look and work better than what you would have seen in the DS game.

Next floor down. Pretty much the same but the ceiling has been raised by 2 blocks to accommodate the transmitter room.

The transmitter room. Looks like a weird sports field.

And now the transmitter with no power though.

And there we are. The town complete.

Route 43

Route 43 links Mahogany Town to the Lake of Rage. It's another straightforward route. So far the most northerly point in Johto. 

I loaded up the map and found these dead corpses. Whoops.

Some ferns and flowers. Also the side of Mt Mortar has been partially shaped.

Found some snow from the gym above ground. A bit odd.

And here it is. Route 43 all done.

Plus some terrain fill in.

Progress so far

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And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Lake of Rage
After That: Route 44, Blackthorn City and Ice Path
And After That: Route 45 and Route 46
22% Complete.

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