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Part 9: Ecruteak City

Part 9:

Bell Tower

Ecruteak City. The most iconic and historic city in Johto. Here lies the Bell Tower, Burned Tower and dance academy.

This segment was delayed a little because of Univerity work. But it's all back on track for now and Part 10 is well on its way.

Ecruteak City

The city is a moderately large city covering 128x128 blocks of land. 

Through the streets there is no more than one building on every block.

Burned Tower

The Burned Tower is a tower that was hit by lightning and subsequently burned down. The Burned Tower is very similar to Sprout Tower in Violet City. So I cloned it into Ecruteak City to burn down.

I removed the non-flammable materials. They will need to be removed because the Burned Tower burned down to its first level.

It's time to '/Summon LightningBolt'.

A few lightning strikes had to be summoned to get a good burn.

After a few strikes the building was well alight.

Watching the tower burn.

Meanwhile downstairs we're just waiting for the fire.

Burning away as the sun sets.

The fire was extinguished before it burned too much.

Any blocks that were floating in the air were trimmed. Plus some charred debris had to be scattered around for a more realistic look.

The Burned Tower uses a different wood as opposed to Sprout Tower. I should have swapped it out before the burn but in the end it didn't even matter.

All the houses have a sort of 16th century Japanese architecture look to them.

Luckily all the houses in Ecruteak City are the same. It saves me time.

The entryway to Bell Tower. In the DS games you must be deemed worthy to be granted access to the Bell Tower.

The other end is a small building that is an exit point for a tunnel that links the building in Ecuteak City with the building out the back.

The two buildings follow a similar design.

Bell Tower is slightly offset from the rest of the city. This is due to the size of the tunnel linking both entryways.

Damn that's tall. Such a legendary bird needs a high perching point.

That's a long way down.

The roof.

On all floors except ground there is a lattice work of wooden planks that have been imitated by fences.

Burned Tower continued

The ground floor has a gaping hole in it showing down into the basement. To keep it real an actual hole was burned into the floor. Looks quite good.

The floor is inserted and the basement below is carved out.

At night, and with the basement lit up looks a little mystical.

Ecruteak Gym

Ecruteak gym is a very dark and gloomy gym which makes sense as this gym specialises in Ghost type Pokemon. Didn't get many construction screenshots so below is just an empty hall. It's quite long with extra length and width. You'll see why soon. 

The extra length and width was added in an attempt to make the water seem endless. But it doesn't, you can still see the edge.

At the end of the room is where the gym leader, just, hangs out.

View from above.

How the city stands. One more building to go.

Kimono Dance Theater

The Dance theater follows the same architectural style as the other buildings.  

Inside is much more extravagant.

And once the roof went up the exterior became the same.

Adding trees.

Finished Product


The southern entrance to the city.

THe city.

The Gym

Bell Tower towering over the city.

Burned tower in the background.

Burned Tower

Bell Tower from Bellchime Trail.

Inside Bell Tower.

The view from the roof.

The National Park with Ecruteak City in the background.

Progress so far.

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If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 10 features Route 43 and Mt Mortar
After That:  Part 11 features Mahogany Town and Route 32
And After That: Lake of Rage
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